Multifarious Activities

There is no Tiffany’s on Fifth Avenue, no Sky Lounge on Sunset Boulevard and no Starbucks on South Beach.

Rustic and uncomplicated, simply enjoy what nature has to offer – the sound of birds singing in the morning light, water running down a stream in spring, the trees cracking under the heat of a summer afternoon. 

The region offers something for every taste:


Swimming, paddling, surfing or snorkelling) in the immediate surroundings at the Pantano de Pena or in the mountain streams. In some streams of the area, rafting is possible.


The nature reserve of the Ports de Beseit, a highly jointed limestone massif with altitudes of about 1.300m and famous for its spectacular scenery, offer ample opportunities for trekking, hiking, mountain biking, but also for extensive walks and jogging or strolling through olive and almond groves. The Ports de Beseit are one of two known habitats for the rare ibex, or capra hispanica, a shy species of wild mountain goat with impressive horns.


At some places, horse-back riding and paragliding is possible.

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